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Since 2013, Amaz has been founded on the belief that creativity is a powerful source of truth and the creation oaf exciting surprises with those we work with as partners for achievement and success.

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Our Values

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    Excellence and Impact

    We believe that the defining mark of excellence is the quality of work, so that has become our primary goal through which we seek to draw its impact on our country and our society.

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    Creative integration

    We seek to provide all creative and technical efforts to our partners to achieve the desired success together.

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    We are always able to meet our client's needs with high quality and ensure the best results.

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    We care about time towards achievement, which is one of our priorities to fulfill the aspirations of our partners.



Amaz offers you a wide range of technical services that meet all your


It is no secret that social networks have become the most preferred and


We manage your campaign reports and your site's response with high-tech and accurate analysis.


We work on digital marketing through the creation of marketing content


Special tools to expand the circle of consumers and beneficiaries of the entity or its services, projects, and products.


Amaz offers you a wide range of technical services that meet all your

Domain registration

Searching for a domain and registering domains is the first step in creating a website, and Amazon has everything the customer needs from different extensions at great prices.

SSL Certificates

Getting a cheap SSL certificate can completely change the way customers see your site. No more worrying about data theft, message spoofing or eavesdropping.

Business Emails

We offer you the service of hosting official corporate email accounts in the name of your business for employees.


Speed in browsing, hosting websites while providing support and strong protection for the site from hacking. Providing daily, weekly and monthly backups for the site. Authenticating the site to all global search engines.

Cloud Hosting

Saudi Hosting is considered one of the best and oldest Saudi web hosting institutions because it has a Saudi data center and fast and powerful cloud servers with a high degree of protection and security. We have many Saudi sites that praised the stability of their sites.

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Start searching for your domain name or contact sales to help you reserve a unique name or an official Saudi domain and receive your site in minutes!

Amaz Studio

Amaz studio is equipped with the latest equipment for filming and recording podcast episodes, audio texts and short programs

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