Managing General Entertainment Authority accounts on social media sites, as there are ten official platforms to improve the authority's digital presence on social media sites, including marketing and covering events and occasions before, during, and after.

General Entertainment Authority

Heritage Commission is tasked with the advancement and conservation of the heritage sector. This involves the development of laws pertaining to heritage and its preservation.

Heritage Commission

We focus on enhancing family bonds by promoting cohesion, preserving the family's identity and values.

Family Affairs Council

The National Center for Non-Profit Sector was established by Council of Ministers Resolution No. (459) dated 11/08/1440 AH. NCNPS has legal personality, financial and administrative independence, and operates under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister.

Taqdeer Program is a nationwide initiative introduced by the General Organization for Social Insurance to express gratitude to male and female retirees for their contributions to the nation.

sixth iteration, the 2023 Entrepreneurship Forum and Exhibition (RAD) aims to offer a platform for the business community, prominent companies, and entrepreneurs to explore the products and services of projects led by young individuals. The goal is to provide support and nurture the development of enterprises capable of competing both domestically and internationally.

RAD Forum 23

شركة حكومية تابعة للهلال الأحمر السعودي تعمل على تطوير الحلول الإلكترونية للجهات من القطاعين الحكومي والخاص لخدمات الطوارئ والاعمال.

the initiative of a group of Saudi nationals who undertook to make positive contributions through volunteer work. Their focus is primarily on serving media professionals of both .

Elam Association

At Al Wedad, we take on the responsibility of caring for orphaned children who have lost parental care in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al Wedad Association

With extensive experience and enlightened perspectives, Meter Murabaa Podcast delivers valuable insights and promotes real estate knowledge and culture. Produced by @amaz_co and sponsored by Al Saedan Real Estate Company.

Meter murabaa Podcast

Managed the social media accounts of Dunkin’ Saudi Arabia, organized their digital campaigns and visual designs, processed the received inquiries and complaints, and developed the marketing videos

Dunkin Donuts

Herfy as one of the foremost Arab companies, having attained notable success in the upscale fast-food restaurant industry and the manufacturing of bread, pastries, and sweets.

A company specializes in providing accommodation for workers.

It is a firm dedicated to human resources solutions for both .individuals and businesses

A private school catering to all levels of schooling for both boys and girls. Riyadh schools stand out for their diverse range of activities and sports programs designed for children.

Riyadh Schools

We prioritize delivering top-notch sports supplies from premium brands.

a Saudi factory that is considered one of the largest manufacturers in the field of manufacturing aluminum (cladding)

Al-Dahayan Factory

تطبيق خدمات السيارات آيفكس

It is a leading National Company in manufacturing and packaging the highest quality of grains, nuts, coffee, tea and dried fruits of all kinds.