Steve's apple

Steve's apple

sVisual identity from the scientist Newton to Steve Job

The issue of choosing a visual identity is always the last thing in the stage of preparing a commercial project, and thinking about it is of no importance. Because most say it's just lines, colors, graphics, nothing more, nothing less. The closest designer will settle it for you at the lowest cost.
In fact, the issue is important and significant.. Well, continue with us and see for yourself the importance of the issue from the angle of Amazon.

Let us first see with you the difference between visual identity and branding. Everyone confuses them and expects them to be one thing, and each term has a meaning. We start with visual identity, which is the visual elements such as color, shape, lines, graphics, images .. and others, that distinguish you in the market, as well express symbolic meanings; Because often words alone are not enough to communicate and consolidate the meaning.
As for the brand, it is what you offer in terms of products / services, how it is presented, and the impact it leaves on the hearts and minds of customers, as well as your style and dealings in serving your customers, which earns you a reputation and draws your personality among your competitors, and after your method of presenting your advertisements and all your marketing matters on social media and television programs. These factors help to enhance the loyalty of your customers, so that whatever happens is up to you and the rest of the audience, they quickly get to know you, just like the IOS mobile device system is linked directly to Apple.

  It is the visual identity that is entrenched in the minds of the audience, and from which it remembers you. Never take advantage of it, it is your official face in the market, and it reflects the image of your business and your distinction.

  “Okay,” if we tell you the company of the apple or the bitten or tarred apple in our dialect, the first thing that comes to your mind is definitely the most famous visual identity in the world (Apple).
I saw how one simple symbol of the total visual identity revealed to us the company, its activity, and its distinction, and it is not hidden from many that this symbol has become a market value in the millions due to its simplicity and the creative thought contained in it from under the hands of designer Rob Janoff. It is a turning point in the sciences and knowledge of man from the era of our father Adam all the way to the world Newton.
The likes of "Apple" in the world and in the Kingdom are many. Let your activity be one of them with a visual identity no less than them, with a simple, easy-to-remember and innovative idea.. Ok?